Family Owned and Operated Since 1985

For kiln repairs, please contact:

All Fired Up Kiln Repairs

Dear customers,
Edart Ceramics will be going out of business this year. As we begin to close down our operations, please note the following:

  • Orders that have been received and processed as of October 9, 2015 will be completed.

  • Orders received after October 9 will be completed with existing inventory only. We will contact you to determine if any substitutions are required to complete an order, and to make sure they are acceptable.  Any items that we do not have on-hand we will not be ordering to complete an order.

  • EdArt will no longer be accepting kiln service repairs.  ​Please contact All Fired Up Kiln Repairs.

  • We will no longer be accepting orders for kilns or equipment.

  • Glazes, tools, and kiln parts will be marked down 10 % effective immediately.

  • Contact us for additional discount details on bulk orders of existing inventory items.

We still have an extensive inventory of lowfire white with talc (out of lowfire white w/o talc), lowfire red, and Stoneware clay, as well as many Duncan glazes and tools.
It has been a pleasure serving you. Please contact us if you have any questions. 
Thank you!